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  • KeLiXun environmental protection - Israel
  • Editor:Hangzhou Cleesink Mechanical & Electrical Co., LtdDate:2017-05-26 18:53 Click:

Ke Lixun environmental protection project of the Israeli market in full swing, Ke Lixun director Mr. Deng Yuanqiu led the technical team to visit Israel for technical training market guidance service. Ke Lixun is the world leader in the field of municipal solid waste sorting and social science research, and Ke Lixun will provide full help for the upgrading of Israel's municipal solid waste classification system. Mose made a civilized fire in Pyramid, so the world had light, and then the light became a star of David. The Israelites respected knowledge and respected culture, and they were a nation struggling with god. Ke Lixun international environmental protection projects are open environment for academic and cultural exchanges docking with the Hebrew University Jerusalem in Israel, in order to solve the garbage classification is extended to all areas of concurrent broad strategic cooperation.